Indiya Veerakalai Udalarokiya Sangam

About Us

Why should we learn martial arts?

Learn Indian martial arts to lead a long, healthy and active life.

If we learn to direct the movement of our body in accordance with the principles of martial arts, we can protect ourselves from disease and thereby lead worry-free and contented lives.   

An ideal person is one who knows how to direct the movement of their body in accordance with the principles of martial arts and thus increase their power and strength.

There is a close correlation between movements in martial arts and our everyday lives: if we are able to perform martial arts movements in a wholehearted and completely immersive way, we can bring about the same level of assurance and confidence to our day-to-day activities.   

Our objective is to enable our fellow Indian citizens, particularly students, to lead healthy and active lives with clarity of mind and strength of will, and to prove their capabilities at the global level.  

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Indiya Veerakalai Udalarokiya Sangam

12/503A, Kulakkarai Street, Rajeswari Nagar, Chennai 600117, India 

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